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Chemistry + simulation

Our investment thesis majors on two critical areas of scientific endeavour: the discovery of novel compositions of matter and development of entirely new ways to simulate phenomena.

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Biomimicry is the emulation of nature to solve complex human problems. Industries such as mining, chemicals, energy and agriculture that rely on nature benefit from adopting biomimetic technologies.

Syniad’s biomimicry thesis focuses on novel biochemistries, industrial biotechnology, functionalized peptides, immobilized enzymes and synthetic biology.


The Syniad team has built companies targeting challenges in key industry sectors where biomimicry has shown dramatic impact. Our ambition is ultimately to address the most prevalent challenges using nature’s tools.

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Quantum technologies rely on the properties of
quantum mechanics to better sense, compute and
communicate. These technologies will have wide
ranging applications, and will be vastly faster than
today’s computers, networks and electronics.

Syniad’s quantum thesis focuses on quantum simulation and design, quantum communication and next generation quantum computing.


The Syniad team is building quantum companies that will increase the speed of how we solve problems across a range of industries. Our ambition is bring a quantum future into reality, and use these tools to solve high complexity problems.

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Cognition is the process of learning something new, and enables us to have the capabilities to solve complex challenges faster and repeatably. Data intensive industries such as manufacturing, health, construction and finance stand to benefit from the adoption of cognitive technologies.

Syniad’s cognition thesis focuses on multi-agent modelling, reinforcement learning, process mining and process simulation.


Our ambition is usher in new types of intelligence into how existing industry’s operate, bringing huge productivity, performance and sustainability enhancements to existing processes and systems.

Advanced materials solve fundamental problems to make products more efficient, sustainable, less expensive, and better performing, key attributes necessary for widespread adoption of any product. High-performance industries such as aerospace,
automotive, defence, energy and construction stand to benefit from the adoption of advanced materials.

Syniad’s advanced materials thesis focuses on lightweight, multi-functional and protective materials that bring entirely new capabilities and products to market.


Our primal ambition is to protect people and property, but we also want to bring new 888 materials to market that fundamentally enhance material longevity (avoiding waste), add new functionalities to existing structures and extend the geography of sustainable material innovations.

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