Prototype Engineer

canada Burnaby BC

About the Job:

Anodyne Chemistries is seeking a Prototyping / Test Engineer to join our Engineering Team. You will build new test platforms for investigating bio-electrochemical systems, as well as maintain and troubleshoot existing infrastructure, and assist with development and prototyping of new test equipment and methods. In this role, you will work on projects in collaboration with other teams at Anodyne Chemistries across various disciplines.

This is a full-time role based in Burnaby, BC


What you’ll do:

  • Design and build systems and instrumentation for bio-electrochemical systems processes.
  • Investigate and validate new characterization techniques through the use of sensors, hardware, and test methodologies.
  • Commission, troubleshoot, and repair test equipment such as pumps, control systems, power supplies, and electrochemical cell assemblies.
  • Help automate operation, data acquisition, storage, and analysis.
  • Document assembly and operating procedures for new equipment and systems.
  • Develop systems enabling Anodyne Chemistries to prove out its technology and applications at larger scales.


Position Summary:

  • Contribute to study design, planning and performing in vivo studies related to pharmacokinetic, pharmacodynamic and efficacy studies from early exploratory to IND stage
  • Develop in vivo technique protocols and team workflows
  • Organize and maintain key in vivo supply inventory
  • Organize and maintain key in vivo supply inventory


Key Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s in chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, materials engineering, engineering physics, or chemistry with suitable hand-on experience.
  • 2+ years experience designing and building hardware and/or scientific equipment.
  • Experience working alongside several disciplines of engineering and science.
  • Experience creating test plans, design of experiments.
  • Ability to read Process & Instrumentation Diagrams.
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