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We invest to bring the future forward

Our strategy is to create a diversified portfolio of 20-25 globally leading deep tech companies with a goal of delivering three to five companies each year in which we retain a significant ownership position to the point of product approval. We focus on developing product platforms from scientific breakthroughs by working in close partnership with world-class academic founders and management teams.


A strong sense of culture and social impact

We have a strong, entrepreneurial culture, where everyone takes personal ownership of delivering Syniad’s mission. Our culture is underpinned by our values and the impacts we wish to have on the world.

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Driving value creation through strategy

We take a long-term approach to building leading deep science companies, focusing on maximizing value through the cycle. Our fundamental view is that value creation in deep science comes by taking products into late development, product approval and,
in some cases, beyond.

“Our strategy is clear. Syniad is building a sustainable, diversified portfolio of 20-25 companies over a rolling 10-year period.”
Martin Cronin
Chair, Syniad Innovations

The Syniad Platform

Our differentiated model

We create, build and resource companies around exceptional science in areas of high unmet need, where there is potential to bring first-of-its kind technology to market.

Rapid translation of scientific research

Our platform enables the rapid translation of scientific research into companies with the potential to be global leaders.

A data-driven investment process

Our data driven investment process leverages the team’s significant expertise to understand academic research in an industrial context, and build prosperous relationships between researchers, academic institutions and industry.

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